Body in Resonance

  1. the unison or being in tune of body with spirit

  2. the return to our very own rythm

With focused treatments we can find back our way to our very own rythm that enbales our body to recover and initiates self healing.

Not without reason we talk about „getting into tune“, finding back our „inner calmness“.

Nowadays it is scientifically proven that our body needs certain rythms and breath-movement-connections for our health. Thereby interventions like e.g. Qi Gong and sound treatments can make quite a difference because their effect starts exactly here.

body practices • breath training • sond treatments • one-on-one training • seminars • workshops

Consciously lived and felt time. Concrete relaxation without performance pressure. In the center are your very own needs, the connection with the own body. To experience, discover, feel yourself again.

relaxation • awareness • meaning

„Tranquility and power in motion“

In Flowing Breath Qi Gong I teach traditional and modern breath-movement-combination from different directions of Qi Gong in addition with awareness practices and meditation.

The basis is the centuries old Qi Gong tradition and newest, scientific knowing.

This enables

  1. to find balance between tension & relaxation

  2. to find concentration & letting go

  3. to activate inner strength, energy and consciousness

  4. builds up and refines awareness for your body

  5. prevents, decreases stress and initiates recovery

Unique Sound Treatment

This extraordinary body instrument allows for a unique deep relaxation via the buildup of a „sound carpet“.

The special resonances, individual tone sequencies and overtones are acting  as a stimulance and relaxation at the same time. The nerve system gets a „massage“, stress gets reduced and inner balance and satisfaction becomes possible.

The hand-made single piece can be placed on your body or you can listen to the sounds in a meditative position, up to your choice.

The human body expands the resonance space and the vibrations get carried on so that a unique sound experience and a deeply effective relaxation can be experienced.

„Our body is the tempel of our soul!“- Julia Domenica